• About Kyle Kirts

    Ohio-based Lawyer and Instructor

    Kyle T. Kirts began his legal career as an assistant prosecutor
    for the City of Dayton, where he handled criminal cases and reviewed
    cases for night and trial court. He later moved to Illinois to take on
    responsibility as an associate attorney with Brankey & Smith, P.C.,
    where he practiced bankruptcy, personal injury, and worker's
    compensation law. In 2002, Kyle T. Kirts accepted a role as agency
    council with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs,
    followed by six years as Republican staff attorney at the Illinois House
    of Representatives.

    Kyle Kirts currently maintains a private
    practice, which he founded in 2009, in Dayton, Ohio. He practices
    landlord/tenant, probate, and family law, as well as felony and
    misdemeanor criminal defense.

    Outside of his legal practice,
    Kyle Kirts also teaches law. He has served as an adjunct faculty
    instructor at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, where he taught Law
    101 and Business Law. He has also taught classes at Miami-Jacobs Career
    College, Land Lake College, and Eastern Illinois University.
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